18 June, 2010

New time, new purchases

Our overall monthly income is fast increasing as my kids are currently work part time on Saturdays and Sundays and also they are quiet making reasonable income through blogging. It really helps us build more and more new savings and constructively we are looking forward to a different way of luxury life. Our overall savings till now exceeds $39,000 and our new plan is to get one cool house to stay rest of our lives. It is quiet easy to select a good looking house. But everyone knows the importance of getting a good deal while purchasing. Recently, we purchased one cool house from Temecula Real Estate, which offered us a very good deal that we couldn’t have ever imagined. We saved quiet a lot of amount with a great deal that we received from them. There are many more homes up for sale and I assure you that this one of the best places to find a good house at good rates.


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