11 April, 2010

Saina Nehwal - Upcoming badminton era

Saina Nehwal, a revolutionary sport star of Indian sport. She is a renowned badminton player, who is bringing in extraordinary laurels to the nation that an Indian could ever imagine from a Badminton star. Here coach is a legend Gobi Chand. She currently ranks 5th in the world. Saina is the first Indian women to reach the quarter finals of the Olympics ever. One can have Saina as their role model. She is extremely talented and acts like a fire on court. I would prefer her to pick gold in the next Olympics in London. India is expecting to score a minimum of 6 gold medals in the London Olympics, at least one from badminton, few from boxing, One from Shooting and a medal in Hockey. In the recent past India is very much inspirational in all the Hockey and Badminton events across the world. Saina can show her remarkable performance in the upcoming common Wealth games in New Delhi. If she can grab gold in here, then it would be of great expectations from her to get gold in London. Saina has won incredible number of awards including prestigious Padmashri award and any more. If she can do this at the age of just 20, she can go on and on and on and bring incredible laurels to the nation.

10 April, 2010

Use your mind - Get more offers

AS you know, I am a working part time as a blogger to earn money. I have submitted one of my blog to an advertising site Review me to provide me sponsored posts offer. I got some one offer at the start and nothing else after that. I tried improving my Traffic rank from 16, 00,000 to 4,00,000. I asked them whether they have not considered my blog for offers despite my fine page rank and Cool traffic per day. I sent them this query. I got the following reply,

“Unfortunately, getting offers is based on the advertiser.  They have a set of filters available to them.  Depending on how they utilize them, it could eliminate your blog from qualifying.  Every offer that your blog qualifies for will show up in your review clearinghouse.  Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Then I tried to remove my blog and add again and the rating was just one star out of five. It has been the rating which has prevented me from getting offers. I sent a another query regarding this issue. I am yet to get back the reply. i will buzz you soon.

01 April, 2010

Earn more paid posts - My friend's cool advice

I can't understand about alexa you mean. Did buy blog reviews accept your sites?  if accepted,  bid and bid even it is not belong to your site's category because it is the advertiser will choose sites who bids. Who knows, your blog is luckier than other bidder's blog.
I only found buy blog reviews, their price is very small and they have limited opportunities.
These all is all I can say. I have no idea about alexa because they did not ask me that before. I am already one and half year working with them.
For me, i am so much concentrating in Sponsored Review higher price and more opportunities. I always check the "find Advertisers" page every morning and evening because I think this is first come first serve basis. I am bidding all except viagra and sex toys. These are easy articles but other advertisers don't accept blog if there are post like these. you are the loser then.
Try also review me site did I given you this?
Did you successfully submit your post in sponsored review about casino?
I don't know exactly how to get PR easily. IN my experienced i got pr 3 after 3 months. 
I made a post regularly. I visited other's blog. I commented also.
I did not apply any review sites for paid post until I got pr
I did not put banners in my sites until now like banners of sponsored reviews, paying post, blog vertise and etc because one blogger advised me that.