27 January, 2010

Wikipedia, a true Encyclopedia

If I need any information on anything that I want to know, one glance searches in Wikipedia. I get all I need. The content framed in this site is incredible. The idea of users editing the content to correct mistakes is itself a cool idea. I recommend my colleagues to use Wikipedia, if and when they were to know or recollect about the basics of the subjects that they studied in their college. More and more content is updated regularly. Wikipedia is really a true encyclopedia. I am interested in blogging, so I wanted to know about it. So, as usual I searched in Wikipedia, I obtained all I need in depth. I would appreciate many more useful contents can be included in this site.

26 January, 2010

Learn to drive

I have been longing to drive a bike smoothly. Basically, I do not know to drive two-wheeler. As you know, I am 21 years old. Still, I do not know how to drive bikes. My friend used to teach me many times, but still I make mistakes. The general mistake that I used to make is stop the engine while running in low gear, I used let vehicle make sound while shifting gear and while driving in congested traffic. All these are before some time, but yesterday, I borrowed a bike Bajaj Pulsar from my friend and drove for around 10Kms. In these 10Km long ride, I reduced those mistakes. Now I am very confident, that I drive very smoothly. Funny thing in here is I did not put back fuel in my friend’s vehicle. I had great fun driving a two-wheeler. I love to drive vehicle in rainy times. It feels really cool and great to drive in rain.

24 January, 2010

IPL 3 changed new Schedule

Here is the new schedule for IPL 3. eight teams, all set to blaze the world. one change in this schedule is opening match is shifted from Hyderabad to Mumbai. The reason is that due to the problem prevailing in Telangana region. Shane Bond inclusion KKR will surely help the team in best possible way, as no Pakistan players included in any of the teams and the causality is KKR which had around 4 to 5 Pakistani players. One sure thing is, it is licensed to thrill during the entire season. My take is on Kolkata Knight Riders, whom i  think will surely win. Dada will surely blaze as expected by all Bengalis. Sourav Ganguly is called otherwise as Dada.

22 January, 2010

Kim Clijsters dumped out of Australian Open


After a emphatic run of victory to a title in the previous season, Kim Clijsters has dumped out of the Australian open Nadia petrova in just 52 minutes. After a good run, winning the US open. Kim Clijsters have all set make a verge of another title, but she ended up in vain. It’s completely Nadia’s day. Easy victory for her in the 52 minutes small battle with nadia, finished up in just 2 sets. Great Mom Kim Clijsters dumped out of the Australian open. She would be hoping for a great comeback in the upcoming matches.

19 January, 2010

IPL3 Auctions – Latest News

There were many players who were not sold in today’s IPL3 auctions - latest. Till pool E, not even a single Pakistani player is sold. I think instructions from the government given to IPL not to take any Pakistani players (My news). The following are major players sold in IPL3 auctions held an hour before. latest news here,
Shane Bond (NZ)      - $750,000 – Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
Pollard (WI)               - $750,000 - Mumbai Indiana (MI)
Roach (WI)                - $ 720,000 - Deccan Chargers (DC)
Wayne Parnell (SA)   - $ 610,000 – Delhi Daredevils (DD)
Damien Martyn          - $100,000 - Rajasthan Royals (RR)
Morgan (ENG)          - $220,000 – Royal challengers (RC)

18 January, 2010

Maria Sharapova knocked by Maria Kirilenko out of Australian open 2010

It is a shocking defeat of Maria Sharapova. Former world no 1 lost to the fellow national Maria Kirilenko in the three set game. Kirilenko fought hard in the second set to make a come back, still opponent in vain, ending up the set 3-6. It was a splendid performance by the Russian to win against the own national star Sharpova. The match ended up in 7-6 (7-4), 3-6, 6-4, thereby maria knocking maria out of the Australian open 2010.

IPL3 Auctions Tomorrow – Happy Pak Players

Auctions for Ipl3 are going to take place tomorrow. There were former ICl players who are looking to redeem their carrier in IPL, Pakistan players who were the current champions of T20 cricket. Total of 97 players have registered to the list of auction able players, out of which there were around 26 Pakistan players. Main Pakistan players to feature in the list were Akmal brothers, Gul and many more. Its going to be a great auctions tomorrow for IPL3. Many ICL players looking forward too to this IPL3 auctions. 

12 January, 2010

Cinema, filming, stories and orchestra

Cinema is the great art form of our time. It provides popular entertainment and is the preeminent forum for ideas and self-expression. Occupying the place of the theater in Elizabethan times, or the novel in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the cinema is where dreams of every shape and meaning take hold of the contemporary mind. The cinema leaps national and cultural barriers as no medium has ever done before, and the best films excite hearts and minds as only good art can. We each have particular stories to tell, and I shall show you that you do too. No limit exists to the number of films the world can consume, so if you can direct outstanding screen work, you can make a job for yourself. This won’t be simple or easy, and the competition is stiff. But if you can sustain passion for the work, this book will help you succeed no matter whether you’ve done ten years in the film industry or are just starting out. Learning to direct films is like learning to conduct an orchestra. Most conductors learn an instrument, master music, and then learn to conduct—which means coordinating an ensemble of top-notch musicians. Most who direct get there by mastering a key craft such as screenwriting, cinematography, or editing. Which one you should choose will emerge as you roll up your sleeves, use this book, and get an all-around immersion. You may do this in film school with fellow students, or outside it working with a few committed friends. Superb, affordable digital technology now makes high-quality filmmaking possible on a tight budget, so learning to direct has never been more accessible. By the way, when I speak of filmmaking or directing a “film,” I include film and digital media together. They draw on a common screen language, use the same directorial approaches, and are different only as screen delivery technologies.

06 January, 2010

Features of good digital camera

Ease of handling and access to controls—the camera should feel comfortable
Construction—rugged enough for your anticipated usage
Capability of shooting several images per second
Range of modes including manual—as distinct from fully automatic with no manual override
Image quality and resolution—number of pixels, usually expressed as megapixels: 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, and so on
Buffer capacity—how many images can be shot until the camera’s memory is full and images have to be transferred to the memory or flash card?
Shutter delay or lag time—in digital cameras especially, there is a delay between pressing the button and the picture being taken. Not so evident in high-end models, more prevalent in less-sophisticated cameras
File formats supported—JPEG, RAW,TIFF
Shutter speed for flash synchronization—higher speed is better for outdoor fill flash
ISO range
Shutter speed range
Fast auto focus but also a manual option
Image stabilization, or vibration reduction— many later models of consumer and presumed cameras have this feature
Accurate through-the-lens metering system
Range of accessories

01 January, 2010


The modern period starts with the oil embargoes and the gasoline shortages during the 1970s which created long lines at gas stations. To avoid waiting, entrepreneurs formed a new business. Instead of you waiting in line to refuel your car, they would do it for you for a fee. After waiting in line, only 8 gal could be bought. The long lines focused the public’s attention on energy. Congress responded to the gasoline shortages of the 1970s by passing the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) legislation. By the 1980s, concern over fuel availability had faded. Gasoline was plentiful at a low price. Car buyers demanded more performance without regard to miles per gallon (mpg). Interest in CAFE waned. Legislatively driven mpg and market-driven mpg were not in sync. From today’s viewpoint, the decline in interest can be assessed as a failure on the part of the federal government. However, Congress responds to the voters who wanted bigger cars; so the failure to increase mpg by means of CAFE can be traced back to you, the voter. Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) contribute to the gas crisis. CAFE specifies Minimum mileage for different classes of vehicles. One loophole in CAFE was the definition of cars and trucks. Large SUVs do not need to conform to passenger car CAFE, which was 27.5 mpg in 2007. SUVs are rated as trucks (by the federal government) and meet only the CAFE required of trucks.