06 January, 2010

Features of good digital camera

Ease of handling and access to controls—the camera should feel comfortable
Construction—rugged enough for your anticipated usage
Capability of shooting several images per second
Range of modes including manual—as distinct from fully automatic with no manual override
Image quality and resolution—number of pixels, usually expressed as megapixels: 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, and so on
Buffer capacity—how many images can be shot until the camera’s memory is full and images have to be transferred to the memory or flash card?
Shutter delay or lag time—in digital cameras especially, there is a delay between pressing the button and the picture being taken. Not so evident in high-end models, more prevalent in less-sophisticated cameras
File formats supported—JPEG, RAW,TIFF
Shutter speed for flash synchronization—higher speed is better for outdoor fill flash
ISO range
Shutter speed range
Fast auto focus but also a manual option
Image stabilization, or vibration reduction— many later models of consumer and presumed cameras have this feature
Accurate through-the-lens metering system
Range of accessories


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