28 May, 2010

Who are these hell terrorists?

In the country like India, there has been a average terrorist country all across the country at least once in every week (its includes both minor and major attacks). I feel extremely angry looking at the telecast about Maoists have bombed the train, Bomb in a famous market, killing inspectors, attacking civilians and lot more cruel, brutal, unlawful activities. I really feel sympathetic to the people and would kill all the irresponsible bloody politicians in our country. Do we the Indians do not deserve a better life as that of Americans, in what way we are lower to any other citizens in the world. Where do these bloody terrorists come from? If there is any such thing called God, I would ask him whether he is sleeping and spending most of their time with their partners.

21 May, 2010

Legendary film director Mani Ratnam to get Jaeger-Le coultre glory

Venice film festival is fast approaching and the legendary film director from India is going to get the respected Jaeger-Le coultre glory to the filmmaker award. It would be a great day for Indian film industry. As Mani is the first person to get this presitigious award. In the recent years, artists from India were exploring almost all the international awards. Few among them are AR Rahman in Oscars and Grammy, Pookutty and Gulsar in Oscars again and now the legend film director Mani Ratnam in Venice film festival. Mani is a well known director whose movies were all a clear master piece. In personal, I love his movie “Naayagan” in tamil.

12 May, 2010

Developing my business

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Spend your pass time the best way

According to me, the best way to spend the pass time is by watching Disney movies. Disney Tween is the new venture that enables almost all the best Disney movies directly available in their marketplace. Their collections include many of my favorite Disney movies. The Princess Diaries Special Edition is one of the best movies that I would suggest you to watch. I have purchased Jump In! Freestyle Edition which is a real cool movie about a teenager. High School Musical 3: Extended Edition has reminded me of my high school days where I used to have a great time with my cool friends. There are many Disney movies that are available in here. Just try once and you will find it very interesting and amusement is for sure

09 May, 2010

India can make to semis of T20 WC 2010 easily with just one win from one game

India’s chances for making it to the semis have wide open after Srilanka lost to Australia with a whooping 81 run margin. This puts Australia through to the semis comfortably with a phenomenal run rate of +3.25. Two simply results should favor India, one India should keep fingers crossed that Australia beat West Indes with a little margin of at least 15 to 20 runs and India should beat Srilanka with a margin of at least 30 runs or 5 to 6 over to spare. Then India secures second spot and makes comfortably to the semi final match of the T20 world cup 2010 in West indes. If West Indes lost by a minimum margin of just 5 runs, then burden on India to beat Srilanka with a good margin.