20 August, 2011

Clear Words - Masterpiece From my inspirer

I had a dream while I was asleep
That, in the sea I was sailing in a ship
I wish to lead the ship’s crew
Let my dream come true. 

Once I went near the sea
With a wish to see
In the waters of beautiful sky blue
I wish to lead the ship’s crew
Let my dream come true. 

Any voyage is no doubt a bon voyage
More so it is in the young age
I wish to lead the ship’s crew
Let my dream come true. 

Looking down seen are the waters
Up above, we see the black clouds scattered. 
Far and far away, there are little boats
Like a row of small ants
Amidst the boats in the sea kingdom
A ship, man’s symbol of wisdom
I wish to lead the ship’s crew
Let my dream come true.

06 August, 2011

Entertainment - The forgotten gamein India

Point is right but you have to consider that we have given so many good cricketers to the world,
But considering any other game there is no such support by the govt.
Even the 1st individual gold medal in Olympics is won by Abhinav bindra is not because of govt. help.Its only bcoz
His father was a rich man and can support his requirements.

Blame the Govt, Sport should be like another elite profession.
But in India, it is just a pass time to the Billion.

We enjoy watching, we play for fun…

Achieving Sporting Glories in large means a lot to the country as a whole.
China understood this, decades ago and see their progress in sports.

Football _- The way it should be

Football doesn’t require much resources, a small kit which is way too lesser than a cricket kit and a football ground with 22 players …
If someone is playing well, he will be definitely spotted by any of the football clubs around the world and definitely he will be called for training there and may catch a place in the reserve squad in 1 or 2 years..
It’s time, we need time to play, if we are spending most of our time in education , 18 years of formal education starting at the age of 3, then how a country can produce a good football player?
Why to blame the Govt? The Govt doesn’t asked me to take up Science group in 11th and it never told me to take up Engg…
It will take some years if we are taking up a sport as a profession to earn money..
There are many failures who took sport as a profession, that is the fear..