26 January, 2010

Learn to drive

I have been longing to drive a bike smoothly. Basically, I do not know to drive two-wheeler. As you know, I am 21 years old. Still, I do not know how to drive bikes. My friend used to teach me many times, but still I make mistakes. The general mistake that I used to make is stop the engine while running in low gear, I used let vehicle make sound while shifting gear and while driving in congested traffic. All these are before some time, but yesterday, I borrowed a bike Bajaj Pulsar from my friend and drove for around 10Kms. In these 10Km long ride, I reduced those mistakes. Now I am very confident, that I drive very smoothly. Funny thing in here is I did not put back fuel in my friend’s vehicle. I had great fun driving a two-wheeler. I love to drive vehicle in rainy times. It feels really cool and great to drive in rain.


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