15 June, 2010

My grand dad's dream clock back in form

A worst incident has happened last week, my grand father’s dream clock which he received from his very old friend in the second world war was shattered in to pieces, it was broken when my kids were playing baseball in the garden. The ball hit the base of that huge clock and broken. He was quiet disappointed with it. As he has been maintaining it very well for quiet a long time now, I wish to get him one such similar clock made recently which is of very good quality and deign. I have asked many of my friends, but I could not get any positive answers. Only last week, when my friend said about howard miller grandfather clocks, I got hope that I could bring back a good clock which look quiet similar to that of my grand dad clock. I found 3 to 4 designed clocks that looked exactly the same. I got one at good deal.


Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

Good for you for finding one for your Dad. :)

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