15 June, 2010

Little emotional, when purchased

Last time when I met my father was when I left to the war zone in Afghanistan on 2006. Few months after that he passed away due to cancer, I could not be able be stay with him in his final days, this is what the thing that haunts me all the time. Last thing that he asked me to get was a clock. I replied him that I will post the clock with the next that I will send. Actually he wanted to present that clock to be presented to a beautiful looking girl child ext door. He jus want to fulfill his final wish by gifting a good cool clock to the girl, but she is no more baby, she is 6 years old now. I got few clocks from hermle clock store at good rate and presented one to her. I was little emotional when the delivery of that clock has been made. I think my dad’s final wish is fulfilled but a little later.


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