01 June, 2010

Is life of an Indian does not deserve more?

It was a brutal, violent and uncivilized act by the Maoists. They have bombed and derailed the rail track, which led the train to derail and hit the Goods train. Over 78 innocent civilians have died. I would say it is the government which is responsible of this brutal attack, due to less intelligence and incorrect domestic policies. The politicians utilize so much of the people tax and not even has responsible to take care of the people and give them back at least by performing their daily work. India is the only nation where minister were elected based on the individual party’s vote bank and not by the talent and field of the respective minister. There are too many lapses in our economic policies and negligence over the terrorists. I ask the people of India, in what way are we inferior to any other citizen in the world. Don’t we deserve more than what we are obtaining.ould ask him whether he is haveod, i rom. ricans, in what way we are lower to any other citizens in the world. bout Maoists hav


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