18 November, 2009

Sports Betting - Ideas and suggestions

There are plenty of ways to win and lose money in a very short space of time on the spreads; these 'opportunities' attract those who like the feeling of a furious adrenaline rush. They are, from the point of view of the companies, the best clients. A gamble is not a gamble unless it is a large one and it may take ever-increasing stakes to produce the same buzz. A long drawn out event in which the result slowly becomes evident is unattractive to this breed – they much prefer the crucial 'do or die' moment to set the pulse racing. in Association with Sporting Index The main difficulty with the long term finacnial prospects of the thrill seeker is that he is more concerned about spicing up sporting events with a wager than consistently making money from them. The spread companies are keen to promote markets that attract this type of punter. The ultimate thrill seeker's ride is with markets where the spread is measured in seconds, for example, the number of seconds a boxing match lasts, or even the no longer standard bet of the first throw-in in a game of football. Even the stately game of cricket isn't without its stomach churning markets. If you are so inclined you may bet on the out-come of the balls bowled in the first over of the test match. Thrill seekers pursue an entirely different betting philosophy to serious gamblers. They tend to be attracted by risk and seek out bets that are, by their nature, governed mostly by chance. This distinguishes them from the generally more successful gamblers who are mostly concerned about eliminating risk.


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