23 November, 2009

Shooting Techniques

Sport is all about heroes and their achievements. Look for photographs of sporting heroes whether in action or in quieter, more reflective moments. And while heroes for the sporting public at large might be NFL quarterbacks or major league baseball stars, your sporting hero could be your own son or daughter competing in Little League. Getting good shots of your sporting hero is simplified to some extent because you can concentrate solely on them and their efforts rather than on the entire event. Access to professional sportsmen will not be as easy, but you can still shoot from the stands and occasionally there will be photo opportunities at spring training or similar events. On the other hand, photographing your Little Leaguer or high school Athlete will be less complicated. You’ve still got to produce the images, but you’ll have a better chance of getting close to the subject. It involves lot of ideologies and techniques. They can say as much about a game as the jubilation photographs. Look for the downcast player on the bench, head in hands nor covered by a towel, disappointed fans shaking their heads in disbelief, an exhausted player slumped over, dejection written all over his or her face. A photograph of dejected players in the foreground with the all-revealing final scoreboard in the background has poignancy about it that any viewer with an ounce of sporting empathy will appreciate.


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