05 February, 2010

We really miss you, Micheal Jackson (MJ)!


You have been our top class and the best entertainer all through our lives. We wish you could have lived a bit longer, not for us, but for you to satisfy entertaining us. Your contribution to the Entertainment world is incredible and for such a long time, you have been our heartthrob. I really do not know, what made me write this post. I used to post regularly about entertainment. A entertainment blog without a post about you is worthless. That not the only reason, which intended me to write this post. Whenever you cross my mind, I put up the video of your blockbuster album Thriller and start enjoying your performance. Sometimes I cry watching it. You could have lived much longer. Entertainment world without you is like a charming girl with out a smile. My entire family is damn fan of yours. I am writing this blog, as if I am speaking to you and I do not really think you exist nom more to entertain us. All keep me running is your albums. I have visited your final funeral, which was the day I first cried in my entire life as an adult. We really miss you Jacko, please god, go and bring him back to his so called earth one more birth. To remind you, you have received a Life time achiever award in the recent Grammys. I am Waiting for your performance in my dreams, come soon please. We really miss you!


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