16 February, 2010

India aims at least 5 London Olympic Gold medals

India is known for getting one or two medals overall in the Olympic Games. In the Beijing Olympic, India grabbed its first Olympic gold in shooting, Also a medal each in wrestling and boxing. India is aiming for few gold medals in London Olympics, at least of 5 gold medals. As performance in recent days in the sports like badminton, wresting, boxing were immensely satisfying and India can hope for few medals from shooting this time as well. If one considers the no of medals to the population of the country, it is India which is at the lowest of all the participating nations. Even no of participants is exponentially less compared to that china and America. Main problem of India’s failure in world level sporting event like Olympic is infrastructure dedicated to sports and another factor is corruption. Sania nehwal, currently sixth in world badminton for women is expected to get a medal this time around. She went till pre-quarters last time, with some great performances. Abinav Bindra is expected to contest in same event as last time and grab gold again. My prediction would be medals from badminton, boxing, shooting and wresting, at least one or two from each of those events. 


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