01 March, 2010

Easy ways to improve Alexa Traffic Rank

There is many ways suggested in the net to improve the traffic rank of ones site. But according to my experience, I would say following are the easy ways to improve the Alexa traffic rank faster. For your notice, I own as much as 12 blogs, so I think my experience count a lot. Here are the simplest steps to improve the Alexa traffic rank,

1.)    Visit other people’s site and write note in their chat box to make them visit your site.

2.)   Use social-Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Orkut to popularize your site to improve the number of unique visitors flowing in to your site.

3.)   If you can afford money, advertise your site in Google or in any other sites.

4.)   Write comments in other’s blog, which not only improve the Back links, but others visitors to your sit for quality comments.

5.)   Use forwarded e-mails to collect innumerous number of mail ids, collect them and mail them all to visit your site.


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