26 October, 2009

Edit HD video in easy way

It’s a funny thing that we’ll take pristine HD video and make it look old and grainy. On purpose. But video effects, like the popular Aged Film effect, create a mood that can’t really be communicated in any other way. That’s why so many people were outraged to find that iMovie ’08 came without any built-in video effects. You couldn’t even slow clips down or speed them up. These newfangled boxes we call computers were supposed to make advanced video effects easy, not nonexistent. To make matters worse, you couldn’t install new effects into iMovie ’08 in the form of plug-ins from other companies, as you could in the old iMovie. A lot of people swore off iMovie ’08 altogether as a result. If you’re reading this book, it may even be because you’ve heard the good news about iMovie ’09: Apple brought back all of those missing effects. Slo-Mo is back. Reverse motion is back. Aged film is back. Apple even added new effects that iMovie has never had before, like Picture-in-Picture and Green Screen.


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