10 April, 2010

Use your mind - Get more offers

AS you know, I am a working part time as a blogger to earn money. I have submitted one of my blog to an advertising site Review me to provide me sponsored posts offer. I got some one offer at the start and nothing else after that. I tried improving my Traffic rank from 16, 00,000 to 4,00,000. I asked them whether they have not considered my blog for offers despite my fine page rank and Cool traffic per day. I sent them this query. I got the following reply,

“Unfortunately, getting offers is based on the advertiser.  They have a set of filters available to them.  Depending on how they utilize them, it could eliminate your blog from qualifying.  Every offer that your blog qualifies for will show up in your review clearinghouse.  Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Then I tried to remove my blog and add again and the rating was just one star out of five. It has been the rating which has prevented me from getting offers. I sent a another query regarding this issue. I am yet to get back the reply. i will buzz you soon.


Tiesmail said...

i have tried google adsense but they denied me because any something that i didnt know....

vist my blog...from new blogger

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